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    the story

    Handmade Gin

    the start

    Founded May 2017

    The Handmade Gin Company was established in May 2017 as a joining of two regional craft gin producers, the distillers of Wirral Gin and Ormskirk Gin. Both were committed to producing only the finest small batch gins with unique, locally sourced botanicals.

    the journey

    How We Got Here

    The shared passion and enthusiasm for Gin between our founders has meant that we continue to distil our gins in exactly the same way, using only the best botanicals and alcohol in our small copper pot stills. By still producing in small batch quantities, we can guarantee that our Handmade Gins and Liqueurs have the same bold, refreshing taste in every bottle that leaves our distillery.

    the revolution


    Our goal has always been to continue developing and distilling exceptional spirits. This passion for producing great tasting gins has led to innovations in shimmer gins, flavoured gins, and gin liqueurs, helping to ensure our small craft distillery stands out in a market dominated by larger companies.

    the recipe

    Original Gin

    Looking at the progress of the past few years we have decided to gather all our collective gin knowledge and create our signature recipe. The result is the combination of all our favourite botanicals and processes to create, in our eyes, the perfect gin.